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“Doing Race” by Hazel Rose Markus & Paula M.L. Moya

Using the text “Doing Race” by Hazel Rose Markus & Paula M.L. Moya (PDF can be found online)
-describe what it would mean to imagine a world without racism. Using the four levels of analysis described in
Markus & Connor’s “Culture Cycle,” students will summarize what it means for Ideas, Institutions, Interactions,
and Identities to be antiracist.
-For each level of analysis in the culture cycle, based on how students define their vision and definitions, they
should also identify specific short and long term goals that they can pursue in their own antiracist efforts. Note
that students will not be evaluated on what those goals are, and goals can be located more at some levels of
analysis than on others.
-For the points associated with this outcome, students should clearly explain both what they plan to DO to
promote antiracism at the various levels, and persuasively explain why those actions will help bring about the
antiracist vision described in the section on vision and definitions.
*I want to work with young students, so a plan for me is to incorporate more readings with people of color as
main characters and to talk about race.