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Doing As They Can

1. What do you think the film’s general message is and how is that conveyed? Explain. 2. In what specific ways or incidences do you see slaves resisting the institution of slavery? How so? 3. Why is this film a good illustration of “history from the bottom up”? Would you say it presents the slaves in a better light? Is their depiction more realistic seen from this vantage point? Explain. 4. How is Linda Brent’s story in this film useful in helping you better understand the insidious and brutal aspects of slavery? Why is Linda so upset when she learns that Lydia Maria Child, a white female abolitionist and friend, has bought Linda’s freedom for $300.00? Why does Linda claim that she was “robbed” of her rights? Explain. 5. What is meant by the expression “there’s a terrible storm coming” and its going to bring God’s wrath with it? 6. Describe one or more vignettes in the film that made you laugh or cry (or get upset) and explain your reaction. 7. In the story of “Miletus” what really happened and why is it an excellent example of “covert” slave resistance? How is this example different from the “overt” slave resistance of African Americans such as Nat Turner, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, and David Walker? Explain. 8. What have you learned about slavery and the nuances of being a slave from this film? Would you recommend it to anyone in particular? Why?

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