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DNA vaccination and pregnancy

DNA vaccination and pregnancy
Paper details:

I have order an article review before, and submitted to a journal, but the esitor said it need major revision.
Here the comments:

We hope this email finds you in good health.

I would like to notify you that we have received the evaluation results of your manuscript # 375-OJBS entitled “Review on DNA Vaccination: DNA Vaccination associated with the Property of eliminating the Inheritance Risks during the Embryo Development among the Expectant Adults “. Our Editorial Board has made the following decision:

Decision: Major Revision
Comments: In this manuscript, Ria reviewed the concept of DNA vaccination and the effects on embryogenesis. It is interesting to talk about the possible effect of DNA vaccination to embryogenesis during pregnancy. However. the paper need to be re-organized..

1. The manuscript need to be revised by a native English speaker.

2. The full name of the certain phrase should be used for the first time in the paper and marked with the abbreviation, such as MCH, APC and CTL. Is “MCH” the usually used abbreviation for Major Histocompatibility Complex? I think it should be MHC.

3. “Gene Production of DNA” part, the author contains a lot of method detail in this paragraph, which is not needed for a review paper. And also, base on the certain situation the method used might be different. The manufacturers’ name for the reagent must be deleted. There is a same situation for the next part” Production of the pDRIVE-Egfp”.

4. Some of the title is not necessary. For example, “DNA Vaccination and the Humoral Reactions” and “DNA Vaccination and Antibody Production” basically means the same thing. Those two paragraph need to be concentrated.

5. “Oocytes Development and mtDNA” paragraph is not so related with the subject.

6. If author include some figures or tables within the manuscript. It will be easy for the reader to understand your point.
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