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Diversity in young children

Write a short paper discussing what you have learned about diversity in young children and to reflect on how your beliefs about tolerance and diversity may have changed as a result of taking this course.

First, reflect on the material that was covered over the course of the semester on diversity in young children. Here are some of the topics that were discussed in the class or texts:

Ages and stages of child development, birth through early school age
Theories of child development and the strengths or weaknesses of the research related to cultural bias
The many ways children are born into this world, genetics and heredity
Cultural Diversity in Child Rearing
Poverty and how stressful it can be to families experiencing it
Anti-bias curriculum (without bias regarding gender, race, religion, ethnicity, culture, language, etc.)
Gender issues
Inclusion of all children (those with learning disabilities or special needs)
Multiculturalism in the early childhood classroom
Prejudice and tolerance
The many ways children are “smart” (multiple intelligences)
The role of the early childhood teacher or parent in helping children feel welcome and included, and teaching tolerance and respect for all people
There may be other diversity topics that stood out to you as well. Feel free to add anything that had particular meaning for you.

Write a 5 page essay discussing at least three things related to diversity and young children that you learned by taking this course. This should not be a repeat of other papers, but rather a reflection on what you think were major “ahas” for you personally. This requires critical thinking and analysis. Be sure to site the references for the topics you discuss.
In your paper, describe your thinking about diversity, inclusion, culture, and tolerance before you took this class. Then describe your current thinking and how it might have been influenced by information in the course. Again, do some self-reflection and discuss the issues and how your thinking may have changed regarding each one. Make comparisons between your thinking before and after taking the course and discuss the two perspectives. Has your thinking changed?
Also, think about what you will do with the information from this course. Describe how you think you might use the new information in your work with children or families.

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