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Distinctly Diverse Person

In this assignment, you will arrange to interview a person who is distinctly diverse from you. . YOU WILL WRITE ABOUT A PERSON WITH A DIFFERNT SEXUAL ORIENTATION (HOMOSEXUAL MALE)

The person you chose to interview and the kinds of questions you ask will affect how much useful information you get. If you do not choose thoughtfully then you will not get good information to meet the assignment requirements. It may be helpful to chose a group you are not familiar with or that you might have some pre-conceived ideas about even though you have not had personal experience with them.

Compose non-biased interview questions, meet with the individual, and document/record your conversation.

Following your interview, write a report in which you

Briefly describe the individual, why you chose to interview them and how they are different from you (protect his/her identify and respect his/her request(s) for confidentiality by changing/omitting names and removing identifying information).
Discuss some of the personal stereotypes or assumptions you held about this person and their diversity group before conducting the interview (Hint: refer to the reflection exercises you completed earlier in this module).
Discuss misunderstandings that were quashed by this interview.
Reflect on your “pre-conceptions” versus “the actual” of what you learned.
Describe the possible impacts of differences in cultural norms and experiences on public safety professions (POLICING). Solutions do not need to be offered.