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Discussion Topic #6/Social Media Advertising

Discussion Topic #6/Social Media Advertising

So we know “video killed the radio star”…but, what about social media advertising killing traditional print and broadcast ads?

It’s been reported by several different sources that companies are shifting a large portion of their ad budgets to social media marketing, shifting from traditional print and broadcast media. Read the following article for a short blurb on this: – now, here is your discussion question:
1. Do you think traditional print and broadcast media are being replaced (are they on their way out)? Hint, this first part of the questions requires you to do some digging of sources/estimations/etc. of your own!
2. Based on what you find in your part one research and your textbook, do you think this makes sense (do you think they should be on their way out and replaced by social media ads; or do you think they are still important/viable)? Please keep most of your evaluation on print and broadcast – we’ll cover Internet advertising next week.
Remember to include both textbook concepts and outside research to support your answers! Cite your sources to APA, please.

Discussion Topic #12
The Shift from Traditional Families to People Living Alone
Please read the linked article below;
Now after you digested this shift in American (and global!) culture please comment on how you see this impacting housing, retail shopping, the food industry (both grocery and dine-out), transportation, and cultural events (music, sports, theatre, art, festivals etc.)
Any and all opinions are respected.

Discussion Topic #13
Wants vs. Needs and Search for Info—Discussion Board Post #13
Pinterest is quickly becoming a player in social media. What was long considered a Facebook,, and Twitter world is quickly changing to include Pinterest as the #4 Web 2.0 tool. I can’t think of a better way to discuss consumers having a need, marketing creating a want, or better yet great marketing turning a want into a need (getting the emotional side to think the purchase is a rational need). Why do I think Pinterest is a big-time player in shopping? Almost every photo is linked to a site where you can purchase that item! I don’t know a lot about Pinterest, or social media in general, but I know enough that this is a huge and growing topic in marketing and is not going away. Please read the linked article below:
Now I want your thoughts—is Pinterest (or any other social media site) a valuable tool to help consumers make decisions? Why do you feel that way? Five years from now do you think social media will be a bigger tool than it is today? Please share your opinions on this topic.
Note: This is not a current article. If you really enjoy Pinterest (like tons of women do!) I will list the link to 3 other current articles. It appears that Pinterest is looking at going public and also is trying some new consumer-focused initiatives. It seems like they have been slow to figure out their future and how to make money (as the article for the discussion illustrates, they now seem to be very aggressive in trying new ides.
These are optional reads;
Pinterest’s Head Of Partnerships Hints At Company’s “Aggressive Roadmap” For 2015

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