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Discussion Paper and Workshop Presentation

Discussion Paper and Workshop Presentation

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You will be given a single mathematical modelling question from a list of questions that spans the range of mathematical content encountered in the Mathematics B and C curricula. All students will be allocated a different question. The process of allocating questions from those available will be negotiated during Session 1B.

Based upon your selected question, you will write a report in which you will:

Present a statement of the question and a worked solution.
Present a short discussion related to the question, that covers the following points:

Identification of the relevant curriculum, topics and subject matter descriptions from the Mathematics B and C curricula which are directly related to the understanding and solution of the question.
Analysis and discussion of the question with regard to each of the assessable general objectives of the curriculum (i.e., Knowledge and Procedures, Modelling and Problem Solving, Communication and Justification) and the principles of a balanced course upon which the general objectives are based.
Identification and description of the connected set of relevant concepts that a student would need to understand to be able to successfully solve your selected question and ones like it. For each of these identified concepts, provide

a summary of elements of the concept
several illustrative examples of the elements of the concept and/or the concept itself. For example: sub-problems and/or a simpler problem with solutions. This will vary from question to question.

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