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Discussion about Eating Disorders, Body Image Battles, and Relationships

Something to DISCUSS – Eating Disorders, Body Image Battles, and Relationships

Chapter 16 addresses how to help friends or family members who struggle with disordered eating. How would you respond to this comment from a former student? Why? Be sure to support your reasons by citing reliable resources. “I dated a girl once who had an eating disorder. She digressed severely while we were dating and by the end I was really afraid for her. She had told me about her disorder in confidence and her parents did not know about it. She was very adamant that I keep her secret. A few times, I told her that I was really concerned and that she should get some help. She refused. I really wanted to tell her parents… but I didn’t. We eventually broke up and since then I have wondered if I did the right thing. She was an adult, right? Where do you draw the line? Any insights?”

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