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Discuss about the racism in the civil war north

Chapter 12 : Cotton is King-the Antebellum South,1800-1860
“Racism in the Civil War North” Please respond to the following:

After Lincoln officially pronounced the Emancipation Proclamation in January 1863, the Civil War enveloped a two-fold purpose: fighting for reuniting the Union, and prohibiting slavery in captured confederate territory. This action set off a chain reaction that led to draft riots, which demonstrated Northern racism and casualties between blacks and whites.

Go to Section 2 of this week’s reading titled “Why the North Won”, and view the resources provided for the section discussing the New York City Draft Riots. (See weblinks below)

Next explain three (3) ways that these riots supported the ‘myth’ of the anti-racist liberals of the North and the difficulties facing free African Americans.

Four Days of Fire: The New York City Draft Riots


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