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Discuss about the influences of african kingdoms

(Topic will be about Africa/Influences of African kingdoms on the Greco-Roman empires)
Submit your Topic Proposal. Review the suggested topics and take some time to explore different topics before making a final decision. The topic proposal should include two full paragraphs: one paragraph explaining the topic itself, and a second paragraph containing ideas for exploring that topic in a way that satisfies the paper requirements.

For example, your topic may be the British Empire. The primary paragraph would provide information about the British Empire’s presence in Asia, and the second paragraph would explain how this topic would be explored thematically, in order to satisfy the requirements of the assignment. Your thesis statement must contain the force of your argument. You should be able to argue both for and against each sentence. Avoid sentences that are mere observations.

a) Submit a potential topic for your final research paper. Review the suggested topics below and take some time to explore different topics before making a decision and declaring your topic proposal. The topic you select should include an element from Japan, China, India, or Africa and an element (an explorer, an idea, a religion, an interaction, an empire, etc.) from Western civilization.

b) Submit a research question or a potential thesis statement. Your research question should be an inquiry into a specific concern or issue related to your chosen topic. If you already have thought about a clear focus in relation to your topic, you can submit your initial idea for a thesis statement to your instructor in order to receive feedback on it. Good thesis statements answer questions that start with “how” and “why.”

They often include words like “because” or “through.” For example: “The American Revolution was not a true revolution because the daily lives and institutions did not change drastically following the war.” This statement should be arguable, as a thesis statement will set up a paper to allow for someone to argue against its basic premise.

c) Explain the background of the country/religion/civilization of the chosen cultures. Include information about the history and society of the chosen element from Japan, China, India, or Africa and the element from Western civilization (i.e., time period, dynasties, kingdoms, primary people involved).

d) Explain your plan for exploring your topic in a way that will satisfy the paper requirements. Share your plan for researching your chosen topic.

Only 2 paragraphs minimum

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