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discuss 5 LIFE STAGEs which have particular NUTRITIONAL needs

The General Secretary of the FDA has tasked you with developing an educational flier on Nutritional Needs for a specific stage of life.

There are 5 LIFE STAGEs which have particular NUTRITIONAL needs, as you know.

These include: (1) infants, (2) children, (3) adolescents, (4) adults, (5) the elderly.

Use the following guidelines to include in your written AD:
Define the life stage and the age range in years which it includes–put this info in your initial statement.
Identify the nutritional needs for your chosen LIFE STAGE.
Identify health concerns or disease associated with poor nutrition during that lifestage.
Provide examples of good and bad nutritional choices.
Make recommendations for where readers might search for more information regarding nutrition. Remember to choose credible sources of nutritional information for your chosen group.
Include 2 references–be creative as you develop your ‘public service ad’ **

Format the ad, including an image, consistent with APA guidelines.

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