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Digital Fashion Marketing


The advancement of different forms of technology in the recent past has intensified their use in the business world. Many entrepreneurs today cannot run an enterprise without incorporating an aspect of information technology in their management process. Incorporation of digital marketing approaches is more evident in most industries, Fashion and Apparel industry included (Durkin, 2015). The emergence of e-commerce site and digital marketing platforms has led to the enormous use of digital marketing in promoting the fashion brands (Bhardwaj and Fairhurst, 2010). Emma Pake is one such fashion brand that has managed to penetrate the market and rich a wider audience through digital marketing. As much as the brand has not managed to attain a lead in the British Fashion and Apparel industry, the significant improvements in its performance over the years ascertain its effectiveness in meeting the customer’s needs and competing with other players in the industry. The current paper presents an evaluation of the digital marketing activities adopted by the fashion brand to ascertain their effectiveness or weaknesses. A digital marketing strategy is also developed for a chosen product offered by the brand that will see its increased performance in the market.

An Evaluation of Emma Pake digital fashion marketing Activities

Emma Pake is a British Luxury fashion brand for beach and swim wear. The company prides in the production of unique designs of swimwear that mainly features elements such as elastics, matte hardware and tassels. The products are made of quality fabrics sourced locally and hand-made into the unique beachwear that can only be Emma Pake Brand. With the vast experience in fashion design and extensive constant training to the staff, Emma Pake ensures that the high quality of garments and resulting products are maintained to always meet the consumers’ needs.

Emma Pake fashion brand is mainly sold and marketed over the online platforms. According to Emma Pake (n.d) the company has adopted the digital selling and marketing approaches to make its range of products accessible to the consumers. The online presence of the fashion brand has improved overtime. Initially, the company’s brand was purchased through its website. The e-commerce platforms allowed for the consumers to view the different designs of the swimwear that were offered by the organizations. Also, the consumers were able to select and choose the products based on their prices that were conspicuously labelled on each of the swimwear (Emma Pake, 2016). As much as the Emma fashion brand managed to penetrate the British Fashion and Apparel industry, the online presence of the brand was worrying. There was need for the company to further improve its operations over the online platforms to attract more customers.

The launch of the Emma Pake brands at Selfridges Oxford Street further enhanced its online presence. The company brands could be accessed at the Selfridges Body studio as well as their online platforms. Consumers were able to order for the products through the Selfridges online stores, thus improving the accessibility of the wide range of Emma Pake brands. To further enhance its accessibility, the company’s products were made available at Net-a-Porter website (Emma Pake, 2016). Net-a-Porter website is ranked as the world’s premier online platform for most luxury brands. Fashion designers and companies are able to showcase their various designs to a global audience through the platform. Also, it is evident that more than 6 million customers visit the sites on a monthly basis to browse for the range of designs offered by various companies. As such, having the Emma Pake brand in the platform meant that the organization did not only enhance its online presence within Britain, but also made its brand accessible to other potential global customers.

With the three online platforms, company website, Selfridge’s online store and Net-a-Porter online platform, Emma Pake range of fashion brands are currently accessible to a wide range of customers. The increased online platform has also enabled the company to widen its product portfolio to meet the needs of a wide range of customers (Henninger et al., 2017). Initially, the major focus was on the women swimwear with little emphasis on the kids and men products. Currently the company has ventured in the production and sale of a wide range of beachwear for men and women as well as the kids. The widened product portfolio and increased online presence is therefore likely to translate to a better performance for the company.

Apart from just improving its online presence, Emma Pake has also been involved in a number of digital marketing activities to promote its products to the wide range of customers. Not every customer will browse the Emma Pake E-commerce platforms to make purchase others needs to be convinced on the quality of the products and be constantly reminded of the same for them to translate their desire into an actual purchase. Of the various digital marketing strategies available, Emma Pake has mainly focussed on high quality blogging and social media marketing to promote its unique designs.

Content marketing plays a significant role in attracting more customers. According to Rickman and Cosenza (2007) having unique and quality content on the product features and related information is likely to influence customers into making purchases. Content marketing is mainly attained through high quality blogging and the use of quality images of the product being marketed (Christofer, 2014). Emma Pake has been involved in high quality blogging in marketing its luxury fashion brands. The company engages in making posts on the matters fashion. Latest trending subjects such as fashion tips, colour combinations, celebrity fashions for their particular range of products are normally included in their posts. These posts are either made as blogs for the company websites or posted in other websites such as to make them more accessible to the consumers.

The quality blogs have had significant effects on the company sales. Theoretically, it is expected that the blogs on a product will create buzz about a given brand thus generating many leads on the same. Also, it is expected that content marketing through blogs will positively impact on the consumer buying behaviour (Kulmala et al., 2013). In practice, the same prepositions have been realized in the context of Emma Pake fashions. The company has managed to attract more customers by converting the readers and followers of the various posts into real customers (Halvorsen et al., 2013). Also, the company has managed to improve its brand perception in the minds of the customers, the wide range of fashion brands are not just made known to the customers, but are portrayed as luxury brands based on the information communicated through the blog. Consequently the company has managed to register increased sales from the time of its implementation of a high quality bogging as a marketing strategy.

Marketing over the social media platforms is another digital marketing approach that has been adopted by Emma Poke Company. The organization has a well-managed Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Most of the young consumers always know about the trending fashions from the social media platforms (Barnes et al., 2006). As such, fashion designers and companies are obliged to make their products known over the social media platforms. Emma Pake has joined the competition in the use of Instagram as a platform for showcasing its latest designs and offerings. As Hines and Bruce (2007) reports, top fashion brands within and without Britain are competing unanimously to commute their unique brands to the potential customers, an indication that the platform is appropriate in reaching the target customers for a wide range of fashion products. Through the use of quality photographs of the different fashion brand and the involvement of models in showcasing the designs, Emma Pake has managed to communicate its quality products to the target customers. As much as most fashion brands are showcased in Instagram Emma Pake still work to make its products the most preferred regardless of the stiff competition involved. The fact that the company only focuses on swimwear has further enhanced its ability to successfully use the platform in showcasing its unique designs amidst the intense competition.

Emma Pake also makes use of its Twiter and Facebook accounts to market its products. The company makes updates on the new designs and any improvements made on the existing designs. Consumers are able to learn of the new designs offered by the company from its social medial platforms (Gulati and Soni, 2015). Also, the company makes use of tweets and famous hash tags to attract more followers that they can then turn into potential and real customers. Since its creation of the twitter and Facebook page, the company’s followers have continually increased over the years, presenting an opportunity for converting the many followers into real customers and consequently enhanced sales.

As much as the use of digital social media marketing has led to an increase in the Emma Pake sales, the company has not fully exploited the social media marketing strategies. According to Kim and Ko (2012) apart from just making posts and tweets via the platforms, the use of live streaming is also effective in showcasing the unique fashion designs of a company. The live streaming approach has been limitedly explored by Emma Pake yet it has more impact on the consumers than any other digital marketing platform. The company needs to explore the same besides the already implemented approaches to achieve even higher levels of performance.

Product Selection

Sporty swimwear is the most recent range of products released by Emma Pake. The organization needed to produce athletic inspired swimwear for consumers who would want to engage in some form of sports at the beach. The organization focused on the production of colourful bikinis and swimsuits made from materials that are likely to absorb sweat in the sunshine. Initially, the Emma Pake swimwear were made from normal  garments that could not absorb the sweat released by consumers engaging in various forms of physical activities. The goal of the normal garment swimwear was just for swimming and not engaging any sporting activity. The new sporty swimwear was therefore to fill this gap and meet the need of the customers who would wish to engage in various forms of physical activities at the beach.

The sporty swimwear range of products is available in the various online platforms operated by Emma Pake. Also, the organization has marketed the product through blogs to make it known and attract more customers. However, there is more that needs to be done to increase product awareness, enhance its accessibility as well as improve its sales volume. Being a new product that is not known to most consumers, the organization needs to engage in extensive marketing of the products to achieve maximum sales.

The potential market for the sporty swimwear is Australia. The country is known for their interest in swimming and a number of other beach games, including beach volleyball, beach bowling and water bucket relay. As such, the country is likely to have potential customers for the sporty swimwear. Also, Australia has a population of approximately 24 million people, as such; there is a possibility of Emma Pake achieving a higher clientele base from the region (Cassidy and Fitch, 2013). Australia is therefore a potential country where the company can achieve maximum sales if it engaged in effective marketing and promotion of the sporty swimwear range of products in the region.

Development of a digital marketing strategy

The current development has seen the Britain fashion industry report lower levels of performance. The Brexit and increasing inflation rates in UK have forced the fashion producers to consider selling their products to other nations out of the EU. The experience reported at Emma Pake is not different the company needs to consider venturing outside the EU, possibly in Australia since the company is likely to receive many customers for its newly introduced sporty swimwear. The most suitable digital marketing strategy that should be implemented by the company in the region is advanced herein.