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Differential reinforcement without extinction in escape maintained behaviors

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
What is it?
Diagnostic criteria based on DSM-V
Prevalence rates around the world
Non-diagnostic characteristics of ASD
Examples include (but not limited to): gastrointestinal dysfunction, sleep disturbances, toileting problems, motor difficulties, etc.
Challenging behaviour in ASD
Also considered a non-diagnostic symptom
Discuss prevalence rates
Types of challenging behaviour
How challenging behaviour affects learning, play, and social skills
Interventions for addressing challenging behaviour (must include examples of each within the literature)
More aversive procedures:
Positive punishment
Response cost
Extinction alone
Discuss the side effects of using more aversive procedures such as positive/negative punishment and extinction
Less aversive alternatives:
Noncontingent reinforcement
Differential reinforcement (including its different forms)
Discuss side effects of using differential reinforcement with extinction
Differential reinforcement without extinction
Why necessary in some instances