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Different types of characters in literature

Having looked through the resource that explains the different types of characters in literature, and now having read the short story, you are ready to complete the assignment!
Please read directions carefully, answer questions in full, and be sure to proofread your work for grammatical and spelling errors.

Part 1 – Character Analysis (6 marks)
Fill out the chart below, picking a character type for each of the four characters in the story. Include a defining quotation for each character. This could be how they are described by the narrator, something they say, or something that another character says about them.
Character Type of Character Defining Quotation

Part 2 – Character Comparison (8 marks)
In one to two paragraphs, compare and contrast the relationships between Roy and Elise and between Norman and Jennifer. Analyze the marriages of both couple and explain which marriage you feel is stronger in terms of love, commitment, and understanding.
Part 3 – Response Questions (11 marks)
Please answer each of the following questions in paragraph form.
a) Did you feel that Norman made the right decision to stay in the North?
Do you feel that Jennifer made the right decision to leave?
Explain and analyze the characters decisions. (3 Marks)

b) Summarize and analyze the significance of the following symbols to the theme of the short story; red plaid shirts, tent and city dump. One paragraph for each symbol. (6 Marks)

c) Choose one character from the short story and write a paragraph in the perspective of that character (in a first-person reflective voice).

Reflect on what happened to you as that character in the story.
For example, you could write a paragraph journal response in the perspective of Jennifer where you explain why you left Norman. (2 Marks)