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Development of the African American literary voice throughout history

Read Literature since 1975″ (2127-2139); Angelou (2155-2167): Walker (2430-2443); Wilson (2457-2504) Literature of the Reconstruction to the New Negro Renaissance” (541-554); Washington’s Up from Slavery (572-602); DuBois’ Souls of Black Folk (692-766): Chestnutt’s “The Wife of his Youth” (624-632); Dunbar’s poetry (918, 922); “The Harlem Renaissance” (953-962), Hurston Their Eyes (1062-71): Hughes’ poetry (1288-1301).
Write 3 pages essay. Describe the development of the African American literary voice throughout history. Consider at least one text from the Colonial, Antebellum, Reconstruction Periods, the Harlem Renaissance, the Protest, Black Aesthetics, and Neorealism Movements. Your essay should contain an introduction with a thesis, a body that supports the thesis with specific examples from the texts that we have read, and a conclusion that summarizes and closes the essay. Use MLA format and citations guidelines.

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