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Developing and distributing agendas

Demonstrate that you can plan and manage a meeting. You must demonstrate that you have the skills and knowledge to:

• Prepare for meetings

• Conduct meetings

• Follow up meetings

You are required toconduct a meeting based on a simulated business scenario. You are to first plan and prepare for the meeting. You will then practically demonstrate your ability to chair the same meeting and will then follow up by writing and distributing the minutes and reviewing the meeting in the form of a report.

You must demonstrate that you can:

• apply conventions and procedures for formal and informal meetings including:

• developing and distributing agendas and papers

• identifying and inviting meeting participants

• organising and confirming meeting arrangements

• running the meeting and following up

• organise, take part in and chair a meeting

• record and store meeting documentation

• follow organisational policies and procedures.

There are three (3) stages to this assessment. You must complete them all. Your assessor will advise you when each stage is due.

In Stage One, you are to prepare for the meeting. Your trainer will advise you when it is to take place. In the second stage you will then be required to participate in and chair a section of the meeting. Your assessor will participate in the meeting as an observer.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the issue and develop an action plan.

This assessment is based on the simulated business in AppendixA and the scenario below. Read the scenario and business information and complete the tasks.


You are to meet with the other managers to discuss the findings and come up with some ideas to improve your company’s performance on sustainability.

Lead a discussion with the meeting participants and develop an action plan.

You may discuss the overall sustainability areas or focus on one or two particular areas.

For ideas, you can use the Sustainable Office Checklist provided by Network for business innovation and sustainability.…

Your task is to organise the meeting of the management team to discuss the report and how the company will act to remedy the situation related to sustainability. You are to manage the group to construct the action plan.