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Developing an intrapreneurial culture

Review and critique the principles with a focus on the following:

Are the suggested principles an adequate foundation for an intrapreneurial focused culture?
Must all organization departments adopt these principles as cultural norms?
Are operating silos a significant barrier to implementing the suggested principles?
Would you add anything to or remove anything from the suggested principles?
Offer a link to a video or an article that provides additional information about developing an intrapreneurial culture.

**I do not have the book please give to someone who has the book**
Anand, C. (2019). The greenhouse approach: Cultivating intrapreneurship in companies and organizations. Dundurn.

Part 2: The Model
Chapter 6: The Seven Guiding Principles
Chapter 7: Relevance
Chapter 8: Creativity
Chapter 9: Speed
Chapter 10: Clarity
Chapter 11: Accountability
Chapter 12: Experimentation
Chapter 13: Execution
The full-text version of this ebook is available through VitalSource. This book is a comprehensive text on intrapreneurship in companies and organizations. Chapters six through 13 discuss the guiding principles of intrapreneurship, and they will assist you in your Adaption Theory of Business discussion forum, Seven Guiding Principles discussion forum, and EI Games Presentation Skills Course: Understanding Personality Profiles assignment this week.