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Developing a Programme

Develop a programme for the following scenario:
• Prepare a programme, in the form of a Gantt Chart, with no more than
30 activities to cover the replacement of a domestic parking bay.
• The parking bay is adjacent to a block of flats and provides parking
for 4 cars.
• The current surfacing is cracking and settling . It is surfaced with
blacktop but will be replaced with concrete block pavers for greater
robustness and longevity.
• In preparing a programme you are to identify the tasks, their
durations, the linkages between tasks, show any float (or time risk
allowance) and a critical path.
• The tasks need to cover 4 main areas:
• Design
• Excavation and removal of material
• Preparation of the area
• Construction and finish of the area
(the file provides an example while stating the assignment at the same time)