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Developing a Manager

Developing a Manager
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Objectives of the assessment:
• To develop a 3,000 word individual essay, reflecting on how you have developed as a prospective manager. This essay assessment of work is weighted at 100% of the final module mark.

This assignment will be submitted online via Moodle by Friday 11th December 2015 by 12:00pm

Essay Assignment
The essay assignment is to demonstrate that you can identify, critically analyse and evaluate aspects of your management development from an individual perspective. Managers use a number of theories, models, tools and concepts to inform their decision-making process. The students, during this module, will examine and explore the models, theories and concepts to enable them to analyse and evaluate their management performance.

For this assignment, you will be undertaking individual tasks over the duration of the 12 week Term. You, as an individual, will create and develop a range of solutions to tasks given. From these, you will then be able to critically analyse and evaluate your performance, across the Term and underpin your views by the application of theoretical perspectives.

Using the lecture programme notes as a starting point for your research, you are to undertake additional reading to develop your understanding further on the models etc. that you will create.

Each week, the lecture programme will develop a broad theme or views that you can then apply in your assignment. There may be other models that you wish to consider.

NOTE. Guildline on Assignment


Discuss any 2 theory or concept

Application of the theory or concept by me

How to develop the application Further

Final suggestions
– The assignment should be word processed and double line spaced. Do not (ever) use bullet points in assignments, especially essays! These are acceptable on PowerPoint slides.
– Use Arial 11 point size (this size) for all of your assignments.
– State the word count you have used on the first page of your assignment.
– On each sheet, ensure you have page numbers in the format ‘Page x of y’ – see the footer in this assignment for an example.
– All work (presentations, models, theories etc. and any detailed application of these in the Appendices) should referenced in Harvard style format – there are hand-outs available on-line at the Library website and are available in hardcopy format in the Library if you are unsure about this.
– Do not use Wikipedia, Google, Googlebooks or Yahoo – the former is not peer assessed and the work is unreliable; the latter are search engines. Don’t rely too heavily on Internet sources. There is no need for a contents page.
– Do use academic textbooks and published academic journal articles (newspapers are not articles); use post-year 2000 academic work.

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