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Developing a Business Relationship

Assume that you are the New Business Development Manager for a large provider of cut flowers- These are sold to supermarkets in the USA & Europe-
Some months ago it was decided that your current supplier in Kenya would have to be changed as there were a variety of problems that had led to an irretrievable break – down of the relationship- A review of the partnership concluded that your personnel had insufficient Knowledge of the cultural aspects of dealing with the Kenyan grower, and this had resulted in a variety of problems, contributing significantly to a lack of trust, and ultimately to the break- down of the relationship.

Consequently, the MD has sought a new supplier for your current range of flowers – the basic requirements will not change and have already been agreed with a supplier in Colombia- You are due to go to Colombia next month to visit this supplier, and look at their operations, and premises- However, in view of the breakdown of the previous relationship, the MD has asked you to prepare a report in which you detail the cultural and linguistic requirements of working with a Colombian company. This report will then be passed to your HR department, so that they may devise an appropriate training schedule for those who are likely to be involved in the development of this relationship-

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