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Details of Assignments

Details of Assignments
Due Nov. 30, at 14:45, in class. No late assignments are accepted!

The class project is an essay.
• Chose a public company (choice to be approved by the Professor)
• Essay should be 8-10 pages long, 1.5 spacing
• To find a public company you may look at companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange or the NASDAQ (hint: find tab “Listings Directory”)
• In writing the essay, refer to the Annual Report and the Annual Financial Statements of a public company found online
• Refer to stock analysts’ review of your chosen company; these may be found on-line at such web sites as CBS Market Watch or Google Finance
• The essay should contain
i) a very brief overview of company history, products or services and operations,
ii) identification of the major issues being highlighted,
iii) recommendations you would propose in light of these issues
• Include a bibliography and a table of contents. Clear division into parts with separate headings is also necessary.
• Essay is a group project (3-4 students)

Topics for the essay – chose one of the following:

1. Why I would (or would not) buy shares in this Company: Company X

2. Environmental and Social Concerns as well as Ethical Issues as addressed by this Company: Company X

3. Another topic: must be pre-approved by the Professor

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