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design project Cad

design project Cad

The emphasis here is on doing something that is creative and that naturally interests you and stretches you to learn something CAD related that you don’t already know.

Many design projects ideas are given in the TEXT at the end of CH 11:
pp.622-678: Solid modeling and working drawing projects with pictures and dimensions:
pp. 679-683: One-hundred & two different design project ideas

pp. 683-684: reverse engineering projects and ideas

It’s RECOMMENDED that design projects be done:

Solo or with one partner if you’re in the TuTh 8:00am section

Groups of 2 or 3 at most if you’re in the TuTh 1:30pm section

Exceptions to the group size can be made but ask for approval first.

Design project partners should be chosen as soon as possible – don’t delay.

Physical construction of your project is not a requirement.

Samples of design projects from previous classes

Create PDF’s for your design project. Even if you have only a SolidWorks solid model, you can easily create a PDF of the model.

Each team member MUST have a copy of all design project files (DWG’s, SLDXXX’s & PDF’s) in their shared folder.
8. A stem-and-leaf diagram is constructed by separating each value of a data set into two parts. What are these parts

9. Which of the following variables is quantitative

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