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Design for Test 2

Design for Test 1
You are considering the production of a complex electronic device that utilises analogue and digital components. You have decided that you need to carry out extensive testing on your product during and after the production process. This is necessary to ensure the functionality of the final product and to monitor the production process with a view to improving yield and spotting unexpected problems quickly. Your initial research reveals that there are three main types of testers available with differing capabilities:

1. In Circuit Testers (ICT)
o Can check analogue component values using ‘guarding’ techniques
o Can check digital components using ‘node forcing’ and ‘back driving’ methods
2 Manufacturing Defects Analysers (MDA)
o Capable of checking for open circuits and short circuits
3 Functional Testers (FT)
o Can check overall functionality of the product.

For volume production it is clear that automated computer controlled/monitored testing will be required. This in turn means that you could be involved in obtaining and setting up test equipment including expensive ‘fixturing’ (eg ‘bed of nails’). The test equipment to be used must comply with relevant standards to ensure compatibility if future expansion or upgrading is required.

You decide to investigate the way in which the above equipment might be deployed.

Guidance notes

Remember you do not necessarily have to solve the problem described. You do, however, need to understand and be able to explain how you would approach the problem.

Learning Outcomes

Following this PBL cycle you should be able to:

? Explain the purpose of testing in a volume production environment
? Explain the uses and methods of operation of the following types of test equipment: (ICT MDA & FT)
? Discuss the concepts of node-forcing, back-driving and guarding techniques in the context of ‘In Circuit Testing’.
? Explain the use of ‘fixtures’ to facilitate automated testing.
? Discuss the requirement for standards in bus system test and measurement applications.


Library Catalogue

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? Testing Digital Circuits B.R.Wilkins
? Advanced Simulation &Test Methodologies for VLSI Russel & Sayers
? IEEE Standard 1149.1
? The Low Cost Board Test Handbook Craig Pynn
? Strategies for Electronic Test Craig Pynn
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