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Design for a piggery

Design for a piggery

In preparing this report you will need to utilise resources from the library or other
Industry publications.

The existing piggery at Dookie Campus has been decommissioned. However there is a
need for a “state ofthe art” experimental piggery at the Dookie Campus site. In keeping

with the thrust to expose students to more recent trends in agriculture, a new 100 sow

eco-shelter” piggery will be developed in a new location near the Bush-land Reserve of
the campus. You have been commissioned to develop the preliminary design for this facility.

You need to prepare and submit a complete proposal document for this facility. It must

comply with the Piggery Code of Practice and all Environmental Protection Authority
requirements for such facilities. You need to also consider the logistics of providing all

services, such as power, water, waste treatment and disposal, transport and food etc. tn
the facility.

Your report should provide all necessary background information, technical details of all
your design decisions, all necessary calculations and appropriate drawings. You should

also prepare an appropriate project plan for this proposal including GANTl’ and PERT
chans for the main tasks needed to implement your proposal.

Your study should also be synthesised from at least 10 recent journal papers

but should avoid using general web sites. Proper citation and referencing, in accordance
with the Student Style Guide must be strictly adhered to in preparing this report.

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