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Design eCommerce applications and set strategy

Use ecommerce platforms to build ecommerce applications
Monitor ecommerce
Marketwise ecommerce
Develop analytics monitoring strategy
TP1. Set strategy for ecommerce (5 marks)

The ecommerce application should follow a B2C model and should include all the necessary features of a working ecommerce application (payments, cart, order processing, shipping etc) as the describing in the following sections. For each project one theme should be selected as main cart Define first your market. After following online discussion you should conclude the the nature of your ecommerce activity.
Complete the strategy planning template. (attached)
TP2. Set your eShop (10 points)

Register with: or and follow help videos on:

  1. Customize the appearance of the store using a theme
  2. Select and create your product categories
  3. Select and create up to 20 products and 2 categories
    • Design and implement your cart and checkout services
    • Design and implement ordering system
    • Design and implement your order management system (back office)
    • Design and implement your payment options
    • Design and implement your shipping options TP3. eShop marketing- traffic sourcing (8 points)

• Describe and implement your SEO strategy
• Describe and implement your Marketing strategy
• Design and implement your Social Media Marketing
• Design and implement Google analytics

Complete the marketing planning template. (attached)
TP4. eShop monitoring Google Analytics (3 points)

• Set your analytics strategy
• Select indicators to follow

Complete the analytics and monitoring template. (attached)
TP5. Project Presentation (4 points)

Reporting and delivering the project work.
Submit through blackboard a word document that includes:
The title of your project and your group names
A table indicating the tasks taken by each team member
The strategy planning template
Screen shots of products and categories
Screen shots of the ordering, payment and checkout process
The marketing strategy template
The Analytics and monitoring template.

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