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Descriptive words

Descriptive words

Paper details:

this paper needs to be modeled after maya angelus paper called graduation day.

WRITE: Write a Reflective Essay that relates a significant experience in your life, explores this incident’s meaning, and explains what it taught you about yourself and/or life. Remember that a reflective essay is mostly narration—the telling of a story using vivid, precise language. Notice the ratio of narration to explanation in May Angelou’s writing. If it were represented mathematically, it might look like this: 9:1. Use “A Moment Remembered” as your TITLE.

MODEL: Be sure to actually model your essay after Angelou’s.

· Have you started with a remembered experience and taken the reader back to that time with you to relive the incident?

· Have you used fresh, vivid language, and words that have the precise meaning and connotation that you are striving for?

· Have you included similes, metaphors, and personification?

· Have you used at least one instance of foreshadowing?

· Do you have a 9:1 ratio of descriptive narration to explanation?

LENGTH: 2-3 pages typed, double-spaced

Here is the essay just add what requirements are not already there like the similes and metaphors along with many more descriptive words

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