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Description of cleaning/ disinfection protocols in all areas of the clinic.

You must discuss ALL areas of the clinic including the waiting area, exam room, treatment room, surgery, kennel, isolation, bathing room, etc.
Discuss the types of cleaning procedures that are done on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
What areas are cleaned?
What disinfectants are used to clean them?
How often are they cleaned?
Description of each disinfectant group. Include information on their characteristics and provide example of a disinfectant from the group
This isn’t limited to only the ones you use at your clinic. Refer to your textbook and study materials (Pharmacology, Clinical Textbook for Vet Techs)
You should include but are not limited to:
Fungicidal, bactericidal, virucidal, etc.
The classification of the disinfectant
Contact time necessary
Description of procedures to reduce the possibility of nosocomial infection
How does your site prevent your patients from acquiring new infections while there?
Make sure you discuss isolation! If you do not have an isolation ward, discuss how your site would handle a situation that would require isolation of a patient.
For example, discuss how parvovirus or kennel cough would be handled.
Helpful resources in addition to your textbook and study guides: