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Describe the technological and economic innovations

1. Describe the important political, economic, religious, and social changes that affected India after 500 A.D. (CE) What new migrations occurred and how did these affect the region? Compare north India with the south (the Decca). Compare and contrast these changes for each geographic region and explain when these happened. (Don’t forget the issue of caste).
2. How do Indian political organizations, culture, and religions affect South and Southeast Asia in the period between 500 and 1500 A.D. (CE)? Explain how Indian advances arrived in these regions, who was involved, and how the native states and cultures reacted. Provide specific examples.

3. Describe the technological and economic innovations, along with political events, that drove Indian Ocean trade and commerce in the thousand years after the end of the classical period. Who and what regions were involved? How did the development of economic specialization assist in the growth of material exchange? Explain.

4. How does Islam develop in the 7th century A.D. (CE)? Who is Muhammed and what are the five (or six pillars) of the faith? What are the Quran, the hadith, and sharia, and why are they important? Explain. How do Arab Bedouin, Jewish, Christian, and merchant communities influence Islam? How does Islam split into Shia and Sunni communities? Discuss.

5. Explain how Islam created an empire over three continents in the century after Muhammed’s death? What dynasties rule these areas and where is the center of power for each? Explain how the new empire draws on areas it conquered for techniques and knowledge. What economic and agricultural developments result from the unification of these areas? Discuss trade, banking, and other advances.

6. Compare the role of women, peasants, merchants, aristocrats and other social classes in the the Islamic empire, in Sui, Tang, and Song China, and in India. What similarities does one see in these areas? What differences are apparent? Explain, citing examples.

7. Who restores imperial unity in China and why do the Sui collapse so quickly? Compare the Sui Dynasty, with the Tang and Song. What policies were similar in these post-Han dynasties? What were different? What kinds of economic and technological development occurred from 500 to 1300 A.D. (CE)? Explain, citing examples. How does China influence its neighbors (Korea, Vietnam, and Japan)? Discuss.

8. Compare and contrast the impact of religion (Islam, Buddhism, and Hiduism) affect each area in the period 500 to 1300? How do these support or undermine the development of the state and administration? Provide examples. What is neo-Confucianism and how does it affect Buddhism and Daoism in China? Explain.

9. After answering one of the questions above, please post any questions or issues you think need to be addressed for your colleagues to consider.

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