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Describe george washington role in the revolutionary war

Your answers must state your thesis and be supported with detailed information, including dates, specific examples, and material from your reading. Your conclusion should follow logically from the information you have presented. Your answers should reflect the context of the major themes of U.S. Military History as well as offer some historical interpretation. Any quotations, specific information, and ideas drawn from your reading (including the textbook) must be cited and referenced in APA or Chicago/Turabian format. Each essay should be a minimum of one page (250 words) in length, not including references.

  1. Describe George Washington’s role in the Revolutionary War, including his leadership, strategies, and relationship with the Continental Army and with Congress. Provide an analysis of the factors that made his generalship successful.
  2. Evaluate the effectiveness of American military strategy and organization during the War of 1812.
  3. Analyze the most important results of the Mexican War and the Mexican Cession on the United States and how they aligned with the concept of Manifest Destiny.
  4. Compare and contrast two major leaders in the Civil War, 1861-1 865. Discuss their contributions to the war, their successes and failures, and how they influenced the outcome of the war.

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