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Describe crisis of the third century beginning with commouds

Answer only one (I) of the following questions in essay format. Write as much as possible in the class period.

1. Describe the rise of the Roman Empire from its origins in 753 BCE through Emperor Constantine. Ala minimum include the following. The origins of the city of Rome, Julius Caesar, Pompey, and Augustus. Provide a description of the era known as Pax Romana. Describe the pressures placed on Rome by the Germanic barbarians. Note the importance of Roman cities in the Empire. Describe the crisis of the third century beginning with Commodus, Septimius Severus and ending with the Barracks Emperors. Discuss Diocletian and his division of the Empire. Finally, tell of the rise and reign of Constantine.

2. Describe the rise of Christianity from the Crucifixion through the Council of Niceaea. At a minimum, include the following. Describe the Christian church in the immediate post-Crucifixion days. Include St Peter, St Paul, and their acceptance of gentiles into the Jewish-onented church. Describe early Church organization and its leadership as it moved throughout the Roman Empire. Define why the Romans persecuted the early Church. Give an account of Constantine’s use and acceptance of Christianity. Give details on early Christian dogma and the Church’s battle against the heresies of Donatism and Arianism. Finally, describe the Council of Nice= and the Nicene Creed.

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