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1. Develop a plan to address the identified health concern or problem.

a. Provide an introduction to identified health concern/problem. This may be based on your community assessment project. What is the identified health concern? Why? What is the community setting and population? AIRRA
You can use the same topic you did your teaching project on. For example, “Overtown is a neighborhood in Miami with a crime rate XYZ% higher than the national average. There are few resources available to this community and the youth that live there. We chose gun safety for youth living in Overtown in order to combat some of the accidental deaths that occur. In addition, we are also proposing a gun buyback program to reduce the number of homicides.

b. Provide supportive data from assessment of community, including at least two reputable statistical references from community to support your identified concern. (MILARGO)
As previously described, the crime rate in Overtown is higher than the national average. It has been shown that XYZ deaths occur in Overtown due to illegal guns in the hands of minors. This figure is higher than the national average of XYZ. The number of homicides also exceeds the national average…etc.

c. Describe your plan/project you did to assist with the health concern/problem for your community. (Include pictures of your group in action) (CLAUDIA)
Describe gun safety education plan (already done in teaching project). Describe any other plans, such as the gun buyback program: He will host a gun buyback program at the park on January 10, etc.

d. Include at least four literature reviews to support the plan you are developing which is current (within the last five years). (ALL, this is the references)
These can include previous literature reviews but try to include at least one new one and make sure it supports your mission.