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Definition of project governance

1. Provide a definition of:
o Methodology
o Standard

2. Why are flexibility and standards important in a project?

3. Provide a definition of project governance and discuss why it is essential to project success mentioning the 4 key governance functions.

4. Give an example of a governance operating model (you could use a chart).

5. Answer the following:
a) Briefly describe the project phases and their role.

b) How do they link to industry and project context? Provide an example.

6. Answer the following:
a) Mention some project initiation documentation you would collect.

b) Discuss how you would collect that documentation providing a practical example.

7. Answer the following:
a) How would you identify the relationship between the project and the broader organisational strategies and goals?

b) Discuss the scenario of a manufacturing company that employed you as a PM to move their plants to Asia to increase competitiveness on price.

8. Answer the following:
a) How would you break project objectives into achievable project deliverables?

b) Provide a practical example building on the scenario in question 7.

9. How would you negotiate and document project objectives, outcomes and benefits?

10. Identify and briefly describe appropriate organisational documentation for recording strategies and goals for integration process.


Reflect on the simulation exercise undertaken in class: ‘meet the client’.
(If you have missed class, reflect on the knowledge you have acquired when studying project initiation and answer as if you prepared for and met with a project client.)

1. Discuss what you considered when developing questions for the client and how did you choose your questions.

2. Discuss what you have learned from the exercise and if you think that it will be useful in developing your project charter