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Decline and Revitalization

  1. Linda Light “Language” Language.pdf 

Indigenous Languages – Decline and Revitalization

John Weatherford “The Americanization of the English Language.pdf “

1. What are the key elements of language? What are some of the linguistic explanations for why it is difficult for adults to learn to speak a new language like a native speaker? How can language influence the way a person sees the world (for example, think about how the names of colors shape what we see)? What elements of language are unique to humans and which elements do we share with other animals? What do you think accounts for the differences in language found among apes and humans?(300 words)

  • What Does Your Spoken Language Say about You?  Take the language quizzes below to help get you started thinking about this question.  As you’re taking the quizzes, think about the words you use, how you pronounce them, and the phrases that you use when you speak.  Do you agree with the results of the quizzes? Why or why not? Can you identify which dialect on the map most matches your own English? How does your speech differ from that of your parents or grandparents? How does your spoken language change as you move from different contexts throughout your day (job, school, home, friends, etc.)?  If someone was writing dialogue for a TV show with a character just like you, what suggestions and examples would you give them? (250words)

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