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Decision Making and problem solving

In a group of 3 to 4 students, prepare a persuasive report showing how the management problem/decision should be managed. Prepare and deliver a persuasive presentation of the key points in your report. Each group will also make a 10-minute presentation of their research and findings from week 8 to week 11 and there would be an additional 5 minutes for questions and answers. Groups may also submit video presentations if they wish after confirmation and agreement with the lecturer. Details about that should be confirmed with your lecturer. Please, note it is the responsibility of the group members to ensure that the video and audio is clear should you opt for video submission. Any video that cannot be properly assessed would result in no marks been awarded to members of such groups

This assignment aims at ensuring that students have familiarised themselves with a general framework of at least one management related topic. Students will be required to apply relevant theoretical concepts with the use of practical examples in most cases in a written research paper and discuss their topic via a live presentation.

1. Written report – worth 20% of your final grade and must be submitted Week 10 at 5pm.

Identify a company.

Identify a management problem. (Note: not a market research nature).

Specify research questions which address the management problem/decision.

Design a research program.

Carry out the research.

Sourcing from ONLY secondary data.

Analyse the findings.

Identify alternatives and make recommendations to improve the performance of the organisation.

Your report is to be written as a business report. It must include;
 Executive summary
 Table of contents
 Section headings
 Paragraphing
 Page numbers
 Reference list at the end of the report

HC1062 Decision making and problem-solving – Research Paper and Presentation

2. Presentation – worth 10% of your final grade and will be presented at a date chosen by the
lecturer commencing week 8.
These presentations must be organised as a business presentation. Power points for the presentations must be submitted via link on blackboard. If video options is chosen after agreement with lecturer, only the link (not the full video) must be submitted via the blackboard link.

Strict adherence to the 10 minute limit is expected. You should allocate your time to allow
for a very short introduction on the broad topic followed by a few minutes allocated to each
student to present their individual component.

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