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Debate in Law

Part 1
One common point of debate in law is whether laws should be changed based upon the times or circumstances. It has been a consideration since the Founding Fathers created the Constitution. For this debate discussion, your task is to consider this issue, as it relates specifically to two particular laws. The topic up for debate: should the Dodd-Frank Act and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act be flexible and change based upon the times or circumstances.

Read this article

then this information from the SEC on these Acts, and conduct a brief analysis of each, to demonstrate your understanding of both.

Provide an argument for the value in changing these two laws based on times/circumstances.

Part 2
Read this article

What is your initial perspective after reading the article?Based on your review of the article, is there an ethical/philosophical consideration that supports/ uni challenges the article’s considerations?

provide an argument ‘AGAINST’ there being an ethical /philosophical reasoning for changing laws.