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Data Analytics

1.Conduct a literature review that critically discusses the concepts of a.Data Science
b.Data Analytics. And the difference between the two concepts in academic and practitioner literature.

Find and discuss relevant literature (peer-reviewed literature is preferred, such as journal articles, conference articles, with books, white papers, practitioner literature, and blog articles having a little less weight).

2.Using concepts discussed in the module, define your data analytics problem using elements and principles of data analytics (see Hicks and Peng (2019) for reference). You should be clear about the problem and the questions you are asking.

You should also consider your audience explicitly.

3.Using best practices in storytelling with data, prepare a presentation of the findings of your analysis that could be used in a board room setting in order to lead to a decision on the original problem previously defined. This presentation can either be embedded as a PowerPoint document in the Word file you submit or be a (sub)section of the document itself.

4.Consider the limitations of your analysis, and possible ways in which this could have been improved had you had more data, time, etc.