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For Part D of this assessment, candidates must teach the lesson and administer the assessment to students in the corresponding grade and content area.
Review assessment results: Select high, medium, and low assessment samples to discuss further. Be sure to cover names to ensure anonymity, and scan or photograph student work/assessment samples for submission.
Reflect on the lesson and critically evaluate the effectiveness of the planning, resources, instructional strategies, and assessment tool. In addition, reflect upon the engagement and interest of the students involved in the instruction.
Write a reflection of the lesson and report your assessment results. It should include the following parts.
Assessment Results: Your assessment results should provide a clear communication of performance aligned with the key knowledge and skills identified for the standard(s). Reference student work samples to support your analysis and decisions.
Submit UWA created Excel worksheet with pre/post assessment scores for all participating P12 students. The Excel charts created by worksheet may be used to present the data (as required by the next bullet point) in the narrative or you may choose to present the data in some other format.
Present detailed and accurate data for all assessment included with the plan in a clear display (raw data, a graph, or a chart) for the whole class (or the identified student in the case of the collaborative education assessment), and identify any relevant patterns.
Analyze and interpret the student’s/students’ performance.
Write a narrative:
Overall, were the lesson standard(s), key knowledge and skills met? How do you know?
Identify which individuals had trouble and why as well as which individuals did well and why?