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DAP and Common Core

Create a 10 slide power point to summarize your reading of two articles on the Common Core State Standards. The two articles are Developmentally Appropriate Practice and the Common Core State Standards: Framing the Issues and The Common Core State Standards: Caution and Opportunity for Early Childhood Education These two article link can be found under your key assessment in module 6.
Step 1: Include in your power point: • What is the Common Core State Standards? How were they initiated? • What is the goal of the Common Core? • What two curriculum areas does the Common Core include? • What are the two reasons NAEYC is interested in the Common Core? • How is DAP and the Common Core different? • What is NAEYC position on the use of a Common Core? • What is the primary concern about the content of the Common Core? • Would using the Common Core State Standards change how you would teach?

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