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Daily Calories

1. What percentages of your total daily calories (both weekday and weekend day) and how many calories were derived from fat? protein?, and carbohydrate? Show all calculations. 2. Using “View By Meal” report, did you meet your food group target goals for each food category? Which categories were you lacking and how much more should you consume in order to reach the target goals? Describe the components of your empty calories in your diet thoroughly, and explain how you would modify your diet (if needed) in order to improve your empty calories. 3. Compare your weekday dietary recall data and weekend dietary recall data. Do you see any differences in your diet (food groups, nutrients, etc.)? Why do you think the foods you ate, the nutrients that you consumed were different? Analyze where and when you ate your meals, how the meals were prepared, the amount/quantity of foods, you ate the meals with someone (friends, family members, or just by yourself), and environmental factors (e.g., outside vs. inside, watching a TV, etc.). 4. From your dietary recall assignment, if the amounts of nutrients that you consume are lower/higher than the recommended value does it mean you are in danger? Explain why/why not? Explain how you would modify/maintain your diet for the future thoroughly. Reflection statements: State at least 3 things that you learned from this assignment.

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