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Cyber Law and the War Games Movie

Using a Microsoft Word document, please review WAR GAMES MOVIE and tell how that film represents a contribution to the field of CyberLaw.


Cyberlaw also referred to as “internet law” means the area of law that focuses on the regulation of the use of the internet. These laws are either criminal laws or civil laws. cyberlaw refers to any laws and regulations that control and regulate how people use smartphones, computers, and the internet. According to McAllister (2013), Cyberlaw is also referred to as digital law. Changes in technology have resulted in significant changes in cyber laws.  The process through which people use electronic communication systems has changed over time resulting in the many changes in the cyber laws. While exploring the issue of cyber law, this paper is an analysis of the war of games movie determining how it contributes to the field of cyber law.

Cyber Law Reviewed 

Cyberlaw entails all of the approaches adopted by people to understand modern technology and encompasses all of the strategies employed to explore how people interact and communicate with each other through the internet. Cyber laws encompass different kinds of laws that are employed for varying purposes. These laws are employed for purposed of protecting people from becoming crime victims. This is achieved through scrapping any malicious activities from the users of the internet. Other laws are formulated for purposes of developing rules and regulations on how companies and employees in various organizations should use computers and the internet. The major types of cyber laws are advanced herein

Online fraud is a common occurrence in the current internet world. A significant number of internet users have witnessed or become a victim of fraud in some instance of using the internet. Internet users currently rely on cyber laws to protect them against online fraud. Cyber laws have been enacted to protect internet users from malicious persons that may want to steal private information or access personal data from their computers. The laws have been implemented to prevent identity theft, different kinds of financial crime and credit card theft that are likely to occur through the internet. Cybercrime lawyers work to both defend consumers and prosecute individuals who engage in online fraud.

Copyright Protection 
Copyright violation has become more evident in the current internet system. Through internet online communication has been made possible presenting an opportunity for people to violate the copyrights of others. Both scholars and companies need to have in place a cyber law that protects individuals from violating their copyrights. Such laws protect the right of an individual and focuses on ensuring that their copyright is outrightly guided.

The internet is used by people to communicate and convey different kinds of messages. People are at liberty of communicating any content they deem fit, however, when such content is proved to be untrue it is labeled ad defamation. These untrue statements from the internet users can have adverse negative implications on others as well as businesses across the world. Defamation laws have been enacted and are implemented to protect the affected victims and companies from such incorrect statements that may negatively affect their operations and activities.

Harassment and Stalking

Some sentiments from online users can result in stalking or harassment of the targeted victim. These sentiments in most cases have violated the criminal laws and are thus considered as threatening to the target person. Lawyers are given the opportunity of prosecuting and charging individuals who are considered to be engaging in various forms of stalking and harassment.

The case of War Game Movie

The war game movie is a film showcasing the deeds of a high school student David Lightman (Matthew Broderick) who unwittingly hacked into a military supercomputer in his process of searching for a new video game. In his search for a game on the Global Thermonuclear War, the student was able to activate the nation’s nuclear response to the actions and activities that were initiated in the Soviet Union. The ability of the student to hack the system and conduct such a dangerous act makes it important that cyber laws and rules are implemented to prevent such behaviors