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CV Writing Service

We are Special, just as you and your employer is!

Our CV writing service is a unique, employer-specific service. We have highly talented writers who have not only sat in CV analysis panels for several companies but have the creativity, skills, and diction needed to write a winning CV.

Work with the best Customized CV Writing Service

Unlike other CV writing services, we understand that each employer requires particular skills, competencies, and strengths. As such, we writing CVs suited for your potential employer. While we can do general CVs, we are more specialized in writing CVs that answer particular employment needs.

Our writers are not only talented individuals with the ability to write quality CV, but also leading industry leaders who have sat in several recruitment committees and panels. As such, they understand pretty well the needs of any employer. 

These writers will position your strengths strategically and illuminate the aspects of your qualifications and competencies that your potential employer seeks. This is a sure way of getting employed.

Our CV Writing Service follows a 9-stage quality Process

To achieve an irresistible CV, we follow an eight-stage process:

  1. Review the information you have given us
  2. Conduct a SWOT analysis on you basing on the information provided
  3. Conduct a company analysis for your potential employer. Through this, we establish the most critical competencies, values, and visions. We also determine the relevance of your experience.
  4. Analyze the employment requirements and roles
  5. Draft the first draft of the CV. This is shared with you for your input and possible suggestions
  6. Write a second draft that meets the requirements
  7. Our editors review the CV for compliance
  8. You receive your CV 

This process ensures that the resultant CV is quality and well polished.
It is worth noting that we have helped over 200,000 people write quality CVs. The good news is that, for the individuals with whom we wrote both the CV and the cover later, we have registered 100% selection rate. For those that ordered CVs alone, we have recorded 93% success rates. These are impressive figures in a world where the average selection chance rests at 61%.
Ordering our CV writing service is the most natural thing to do. We have a 3 stage ordering system that is simple and straightforward:

  1. Enter details of your order. Here you give all the relevant information regarding the order
  2. Enter your personal and payment information (these remain incredibly confidential)
  3.  Make a safe payment

Place your order with us and start a fruitful career soonest.


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