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current event/ Stress, Conflict, and Virtuality

current event/ Stress, Conflict, and VirtualityEach class member is required to complete one (1) word-processed current event summary (min 600 words). Please select your current issue from the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Fortune, or similar business oriented publications. The event must have happened within the last year and be relevant to the management material to be covered during the week in which the current event analysis is presented to the class which is (Changing Organizations

Stress, Conflict, and Virtuality). Dates for your presentation will be determined on the first day of class. The written summary will include:

Your Name:


Title and author of article:

Date of Journal:

Statement of the main idea(s) of this article.
List three important facts that the author uses to support the main idea(s).
What is a good counter-argument to the basis of this article?
Discuss how the article relates to the management theories discussed.
List any examples of bias or faulty reasoning that you found in this article.

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