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Culturally Relevant Research Approaches

To help you understand some of the unique challenges of culturally relevant research, review the readings concerning culturally relevant research approaches in the Study activities for Unit 5 and Unit 6. Then search for scholarly sources in the Capella University Library and locate at least three articles that add to your knowledge of the cultural group you have chosen to explore for your final project. Review these articles in a 3–5 page paper in current APA format. In your paper, include the following:
An analysis and a description of traditional research, addressing the question of its cultural relevance.
An analysis and a description of what comprises culturally relevant research.
An analysis and a description of at least three research studies that have addressed the cultural group you are exploring.
An evaluation of the key differences between traditional research and culturally relevant research and how that impacts the cultural group you are exploring.
A discussion of the relationship of culturally relevant research to the promotion of social justice for the group you are studying.
Identify how to engage in collaborative practice to advocate for appropriate services.