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Cropping or masking images

Try recreating the same layout across a number of different tools to see what the similarities/differences are. Pay attention to the following features in these apps:

Artboards, artboard management and layer management
Working with text, images and shapes for layout
Cropping or masking images
Creating effects like drop shadows
Creating reusable components or symbols (different terminology in different apps)
Special features, like repeating grid in Adobe XD
If you find some good tutorials, post them in the General Discussion for others in class to check out.

Explore at least three pieces of software and recreate the same design in each one. Then, answer these questions:

Which software did you explore?
What do you see as pros and cons for each piece of software?
What is your gut reaction to each of these tools, and the learning curve involved with getting comfortable with them?
Include screenshots—I’m less interested in the final product because essentially, these would look the same. The screenshots can be of your process work, interesting features/menus in the program, your artboards, etc. Whatever stood out to you for each software.