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CRM success stories

CRM success stories. Find two examples of companies that are getting real business benefits from their CRM systems. You can find those success stories at the major CRM vendor sites, at those companies’ websites or at any other specialized website (, or are good places to start with). The companies you select must have used different CRM vendors. Once you identify them, write about the results that they are getting and how have they achieved them. The following questions can help you to complete this assignment:

What is their line of business?

What was the core need that drove them to implement a CRM solution?

Were they able to achieve their goals?

What other problems were they able to solve while implementing their CRM?

How does their way of doing business compare to the way they did it before?

Did those companies have similar needs?

Do they talk about their CRM implementation process? How was it different from vendor to vendor?

Based on your analysis, which of the CRM vendors those companies used would you prefer to work with? Why?