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Criticism and Response

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Part 1: Shyfont is a company in your country. It makes packaged food or skin care products or electronics. (Choose one of these). You are its head of public relations. The company is launching a new item in one of its existing ranges. Write a release of 250 words for the media announcing this product launch. Make up any relevant details. Specify which media you would send this release to. DO NOT define media as print, television etc. You must define the four sectors you have been taught. Discuss the advantage to you of getting your story in each of those four sectors. Two weeks after the launch of the product, national media carry a story generated by a consumer group claiming that there is a problem in the Shyfont factory and that the product is unsafe. There is no Shyfont comment in this story. There is no problem in the factory and the story is untrue. Write a 250-word release correcting the public impression of Shyfont. Define which media you would send it to. The media ignore this release. Define what action you will now take to try to persuade the media to take an interest in this story. Discuss why it is important to persuade the media to correct the negative coverage. The Shyfont factory is in a town at the edge of your country, as far away as possible from the capital city where the media are based. Part 2: Write a report for Shyfont’s chief executive describing all the ways in which new media differ from traditional media. In the report, describe how you, as head of public relations for Shyfont, would be affected by each of these aspects of new media.

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