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In Chapter 3 of your course text, you explored your attitudes, values, learning styles, preferences, types of intelligence, and personality types. Most important, you learned how these aspects of who you are affect the way you perceive and interact with others. Here we will be focusing on personality type. Exploring your personality type is a helpful exercise, whether you are just beginning your academic career, are currently in a satisfying professional career, or are considering a career transition.

Our personality can have an especially large impact on how we interact with others, informally and formally in the workplace, such as working on teams or within collaborative groups. In this discussion, we will look more closely at how our personality type impacts the way we might function in a team or while working collaboratively with others.


  • You have likely heard, even in this course, that teamwork is crucial to success. But what is meant by teamwork? Take to the Internet and provide a brief definition of teamwork from a reputable site, paying special attention to team roles.
  • Next, complete the personality type assessment at to an external site.).
  • Based on what you have learned about personality type from Chapter 3 and the 16 Personalities site, discuss how your personality type (as determined in the 16 Personalities assessment) might affect the way you perform on a team. What role(s) might you adopt based on your personality type?


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