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Critical Essay-Newspaper Article

Pick article from any variety of online Newspaper. (Huffington Post, CNN, Fox News, Etc..) Respond to this discussion board prompt “Newspaper Response” with a 1-2 page reply in critical essay form with in-text citations if needed. Essay should have an introduction, at least three body paragraphs and a conclusion.

Discussion Directions:
Read a few articles from any newspaper that you choose, and pick out one or more opinion pieces that you can evaluate. Your may choose an essay that is based on something you know or something new. Consider the article’s purpose. For example, decide if an article is using a certain type of argument or a rhetorical mode. Does the article appeal to logos, pathos or ethos? Evaluate the nature of the argument presented in the newspaper article that you have read, and then reflect on your analysis of the piece.

Some further examples of questions you might ask as you evaluate the article:

What is the audience for the piece?
Does the article reference any history or provide a historical context?
Is the author’s argument valid? Does it seem credible, why or why not?
What other points of view have you read about on this topic, and where does the author’s argument fit into this conversation?

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