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Critical analysis of an HRM intervention

As you are not requested to sit an exam for any of the Business Environment Seminars, your individual assignment will amount to 100% of your final grade.

It comprises of an individual report, of 800 < 1.000 words in length.

Course Assignment

Topic Your report is expected to provide a structured, critical analysis of an HRM intervention which you have directly experienced.

This may be:

 An intervention you have initiated yourself

 One you are currently planning or even working on

 One you were or still are subjected to As you will be expected to reflect on at least two [2] theoretical models and techniques or tools discussed during our course, it is strongly recommended that your work is focused on one or more of the following cognitive topics:

 Motivation

 Involvement & Empowerment

 Engagement

 Employee morale in times of turbulence

 Managing performance of individual contributors

Please note that whilst you are encouraged to capture the intervention holistically, you may choose to isolate certain aspects of it, if you feel they are better related to the curriculum of BES IV. Finally, keep in mind that the intervention does not need to be a positive or successful one, as negative experiences may serve equally well for reflection. In any case, make sure you record the following:

 Brief | general organisational context

 Intervention overview & your role during this

 Key actions and implications, utilising parts of the provided literature for framing

 Overall impact and lessons to be learnt for increased future HRM efficiency Criteria used for Marking

 Balanced, structured approach

 Number of realistic actions / observations

 Thoroughness of critical examination

 Understanding / utilisation of pertinent theoretical frameworks and models

 Depth of insights and suggestions for the future

 List of major references

Coaching Skills
You are requested to prepare 2 Feedback discussionsbasedon reallifesituations:
1professional and1 personal.
Each feedback should 
follow thefeedback model thatwediscussedinclass(BIT)andmakeuseofpositivelanguage.

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