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Crisis and risk management are both involved with dealing with threats to an organization. Depending on the threats faced, an organization can mitigate or eliminate the threat by implementing a management program. Both crisis and risk management deal with threats, but risk management deals with threats before the event occurs and crisis management deals with a threat as it unfolds or after the event occurs. Some of the types of crises can include natural phenomena, malfunctioning equipment, human error, confrontation (strikes, boycotts, etc.), malevolence (intentional efforts to harm a company), and flawed leadership.
For this Case Assignment, you are to answer the following:
Explain the difference between risk and crisis management and the role of the National Response Framework and the National Incident Management System plays.
Do you consider crisis management a part of risk management? Justify your answer.
Describe the types of crises faced by your organization today. In your opinion, which type is the most important to be prepared for and why?

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